CAR Business Team

The Carnegie Autonomous Racing Business Division is the engine that supports all financial, sponsorship, marketing, and people strategy. We work with community members, sponsors, and the CMU administration to ensure our race teams have the software, hardware, people, and financial resources to achieve their goals.
From finding spaces on campus for the team to work to launching the team website, we’re here to ensure the technical race teams have all the resources they need to be successful. The Business Division is primarily composed of MBA students but is supported by 25+ total students.

Team Leads

Hassan Azmat

Business Development Lead

Based out of CMU Silicon Valley campus to spread CAR's message in the heart of West Coast's technology center

Max Wiemer

Director, Business Division

Put out any fires by overseeing all team business operations and setting the team’s long-term vision.

Rebecca Bearse

Head of People Strategy

Bring in new people, keep our people happy and intentionally develop their leadership skills through data, coaching, and feedback.

Karthik Ilango

Head of Marketing

Spread Carnegie Autonomous Racing's sotry through our social media pages and website.

Pablo Gomez

Head of Finance

Ensure the piggy bank is full through responsible financial practices.

Thomas Your

Head of Internal Communications

Internally amplify the technical race teams voices so the business division understands and meets their needs.

Chris Johnson

Head of Business Development

Keep the lights on by managing sponsor prospecting strategies and leading contract negotiations.

Matt Schmidt

Head of Sponsor Relations

Keep sponsors happy by delivering sponsorship benefits package and bringing sponsors closer to the students.

Former Contributors

Theo Mandin-Lee

Head of Design

Liz Hay

Head of Finance, 2021-2022

John Schiff

Head of Internal Communications, 2021-2022


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